Inspiring Quote

Recently, I’ve been going through somewhat of a rough time. It’s a personal matter, and I’m fine, but I have been finding solace in things that inspire me to be a better person moving forward. One of my personal heroes, Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao, recently talked about her experience with Sexual Harassment in the workplace, and her advice for aspiring leaders in the fight against all things that are wrong in the world. Her quote, in context, earned her criticism, as she appeared to tell off women who have endured sexual harassment, however out of the context of the quote, these words mean the world to me:

“You will go through difficulties in your life – and I hope you will all triumph – and when you triumph, you need to help others along the way, but you also must have magnanimity of spirit. Things change, times change, but it’s not worth my while to go back and revisit those negative moments… otherwise it’s too corrosive, it’s too negative, and does you a double injury because it holds you back.”

To me, this represents what it means to be me at the moment. It may be easy to let the negatives that have happened suck you back in, but in the words of Secretary Chao, it’s not worth my while to revisit those negative moments. I don’t wish to apply this quote to every scenario, but it is something that I look to at times like now in my life. The same can be said about my final project. It’s in shambles right now, and I have not slept in approaching 40 hours, but I am determined to make this project amazing, and have an impact on myself, and the content I produce.

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