Moving Ahead With the Minor…

Next semester, I will be taking Academic Argumentation as my next portion of the minor. I am a bit anxious about this, as I haven’t taken a true English class since freshman year Great Books, which was an experience that I hope to forget. I really don’t know what to expect from this class, but I know that after finishing the gateway I will be able to adapt to just about anything. I expect this class to align well with my preferences as a writer. I hope to finish the semester with sharpened organization skills, as this is something that I could really use to my benefit.

One thought to “Moving Ahead With the Minor…”

  1. Hi Matisse! Just to let you know, I also took Academic Argumentation in the past. I think you will enjoy it a lot. My one piece of advice is to write about things you are genuinely very curious about. In this class, you have the opportunity to gain a lot of knowledge on topics of your choice. You can use this information in every-day life.

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