Overall Thoughts on the Course

Looking back on the past semester, I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed the writing minor’s gateway course. Truthfully, when I first heard that the bulk of the course would be dedicated to expanding on a piece we’d already written, I didn’t think the class would be too challenging — and I definitely didn’t expect to grow as a writer as much as I have. In that regard, this course greatly surpassed my expectations; I’m not sure if I’ve ever worked with a piece the way I was forced to in this class. Never before have I taken an idea and changed it so radically, and this process made me think about my original work, and my writing in general, in new and interesting ways.

Perhaps ironically, my favorite part of the class had little to do with writing at all. My favorite part of the gateway was the attendance questions everyone answered at the start of class. Usually they were hard (and it seems the harder the question, the earlier I was called), but it was so interesting seeing the different answers and approaches taken by my classmates. Even through these exercises, it was easily apparent how smart and thoughtful the rest of the cohort is.

My only complaint could have been avoided with better study habits: at times, the work felt a bit overwhelming. There were times when I had so many ideas and not enough time to organize them on paper, although I suppose that says more about my time management skills than the coursework. Overall, I enjoyed this semester and would definitely recommend the program to a friend.

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