As I was putting my website together I was partly anxious, but I think mainly overexcited. Due to this, my website currently looks like a ton of information was splattered across each page in absolutely no order whatsoever. I think that I have a lot of good information that flows well together, but figuring out how to organize it was a challenge. The most logical thing to do was make each page as parallel or a similar in structure as I could. This will cause the site to have a nice organization to it and hopefully even make the content more easily understood. For my site specifically, I am going to organize each page by placing more broad and explanatory content at the beginning and from there go into more specifics. At the end of each page, hopefully it will be clear to readers that each specific thing that I mention on each page is both individual and also connected to everything else within that page. That barely made sense to me; here goes nothing.

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