Reflecting on the process

I learned many things when doing this project. About writing, about myself, and about what these topics mean to me in the context of my work and life. I also learned a lot about how I will do things differently when I get to the capstone course. Of the things I hope to do differently, starting earlier and having a vision of my project earlier are musts, as well as the need for better time management on my end of all things. In context, the project went well, but at great cost to my personal well being. This was easily avoidable, as I should and could have envisioned my project in a more complete setting from an earlier place in the project. However, all in all it turned out fine. I also am appreciative of the get together we had with the capstone class. That significantly helped my understanding of what a good capstone looks like, as well as my path forward to it. I am hopeful and excited for it, and think that it will go incredibly well.

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