The Making of a Podcast

My final project is a podcast. I would never have guessed this had you asked me four months ago. In all honesty, it was difficult for me to create as someone who has never edited audio or video. The staff at the LSA Instructional Support Services were incredibly helpful in lending me the necessary equipment and explaining how to use it. The recorder proved easier to read than I expected. By the end of the recording process, I was extremely comfortable with it.

Next came the uploading and editing of my material. Uploading was easy- though I am not a tech-y person, I do know how to upload files. For editing, I was able to use iMovie, which is pre-loaded onto my computer. However, I regret not researching to find another program. Though the presentation is simple, I found it easy to mix up my audio files. It was difficult to keep them organized. About 30% of the way through editing, all of my clips were rearranged and shortened, which was extremely frustrating. However, I made it! My podcast is completely edited and uploaded onto my gateway website (in two parts because it was too large). Main takeaways have been to resist being intimidated by technology and to do my research ahead of time.

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