Tracking an Author: Conclusion?

When this prompt was given to us as an assignment, I was really excited about it! I love reading the news and I especially love reading the same news stories in lots of different venues to get better perspectives. I thought that this assignment would probably be fairly similar to that. I think, however, that the majority of people read their news online and what threw me off from the very beginning was picking an author from a print publication, one that is rather obscure as well. When I tried to track her, I found myself in the depths of British tabloid magazines like The Daily Mirror and The Daily Mail (help). This is definitely not where I wanted to be in order to find good, quality writers. Yet, even when I switched tracks and started to follow a publication that┬áJia Tolentino had once written in, I found myself in a somewhat similar situation, the writing I was coming across wasn’t what I was hoping for. Maybe I came at this assignment from a completely wrong angel, or maybe I just had the wrong expectations, but I really struggled with it.

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