Challenge Journal #2: Fun with modes


It’s a fun time, we’re all having a fun time, there’s no need to worry or panic hahahahaha.


But really though, it’s a little more difficult than I anticipated.

Here’s the thing: the fact that we are supposed to come up with four different topic ideas/proposals for this one project is not that big of a deal. I am genuinely having fun with some of the proposal ideas, despite what the introduction to this post may otherwise indicate. Particularly, I am really enthusiastic about this one pre-posal that involves creating a podcast series based on academic interests towards creative non-fiction and story telling. The problem is trying to choose topics that I feel would be engaging in nature; I don’t want to write one or two pre-proposals that I am absolutely enthralled in, only to have the other half/possibly more be projects I wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole. For instance, if this podcast falls through, I would like to have another project that I feel just as-if not more-enthusiastic about.

The other concern I have is having said pre-posals be substantial and backed up with the work I did for the other minor in writing classes. It would not be too difficult to choose one class in the minor that I adored and to focus my topics based on said class; but that does not do justice to the other classes I took, resulting in possibly shoddy research. So to prevent this dilemma, I decided to try to find common threads between the classes that constitute my minor and make those areas topics for this assignment.

And honestly? It’s a good idea in theory, a wee bit more difficult in practice.

There are some wild cards in the mix that is making the finding of said connections a little more challenging than I would have liked (for instance, a psych research class, a peer consultant training class, and the multimodal gateway class). In terms of class-content, it’s turning out to be a particularly difficult task to find common threads between them. So that resorts to me looking at the objective criteria that these classes wanted me to practice: considering multimodality, purpose, etcetera. But that ties back into the first problem, the one with being engaged in creating it: all of us have substantial knowledge and awareness of these facets of writing and have considered them many times over. Therefore, I’m not sure if such topics would be interesting enough for me to work on for a solid couple of months.

While it feels similar to another project type in an earlier minor in writing class (creating a substantial research topic regarding writing pedagogy in Writing 300), this one is particularly more challenging in that I should try to connect as many of my minor in writing classes as I possibly could. For the Writing 300 class, I only had to worry about it relating to writing pedagogy: still a vast category, but much more liberating in terms of available research and evidence. 

Maybe I could play around with what shape this capstone project should take. Despite the fact that the writing pedagogy topic I chose in the writing 300 class was something I enjoyed, I equally enjoyed the medium with which said project took shape in. I also did have fun in some of my minor classes tinkering around with multimodality, so that’s something I’ll probably consider now: compensating for the limited amounts of substantial topics I have by playing around more with the mode in which such topics would take shape in.

Hopefully I’m not overthinking this/am not the only one overthinking this possibly minor (MINOR in writing pun/dad joke!) project at all? Please let me know if that is the case, would appreciate any and all feedback. 🙂

Robert Molnar

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One thought to “Challenge Journal #2: Fun with modes”

  1. Hey Robert! Rest assured that you are not the only one overthinking this project. At this stage of the game, nobody knows what their project will look like in the end, and that can cause of a lot of overthinking and uncertainty. Honestly though, it sounds like you already have an idea that you’re excited about! I love the idea of a podcast series. Ultimately, you’re only going to pick one project to pursue, so as long as you have one that you feel good about, there’s no need to worry!

    That being said, if you’re still focusing on idea generation, try to ask yourself what issues you’re really passionate about or what questions you’d be interested in exploring. It might be hard to force a connection between your past writing pieces. If that’s the case, then don’t be afraid to try something in an entirely new direction. I’m excited to see where you end up taking your project!

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