Introductions are hard–it’s not the same as introducing yourself, but something more challenging and potentially more meaningful. An introduction is the beginning of something, the promise that after this there will be chapters and chapters to come. If I had to distill myself into a list of ten things about my life right now that are most important (which I guess I do), this would be them:

I am currently floundering (a little): I’ve already switched three of my classes since the beginning of the term because I realized maybe I want to be an English major instead of American Culture. Or both!? I don’t know. We’ll see. It’ll be fine.

I get up early four days a week: This seems trivial, but I’m in four 8:30s and I’m not used to getting up early so my schedule is kind of ruling my life right now.

I’m living in Boston this summer with my best friend: I’m so excited! We just signed a sublease and (kind of coincidentally) I looked at the lineup for Boston Calling (a music festival in May) and my absolute favorite band, Big Thief, is playing. Seems meant to be. I still don’t know exactly what I’m going to be doing in Boston, but I’ve been frantically applying for internships and I’m hoping it’ll all work out.

My birthday is February 4th: …and my mom and my aunt are coming to Ann Arbor to take me to the Folk Festival for my birthday, which I am super psyched about.

I just sent my best friend from high school a birthday card: Why don’t people send more letters? I’m getting very into sending letters. I even bought stamps. I think I’m going to singlehandedly bring back letters.

I always have a cold: I will be the first to go down if Contagion happens.

I like oatmeal: I sometimes have oatmeal for every meal. I’m not proud of it, but I’m not ashamed, either.

I like to read: I really do. I’m obsessed with Jennifer Egan! She seems like she is probably the coolest person and she is also an amazing writer.

I just ate a banana: self explanatory. I love bananas because they come with their own wrapping, and finding a container and lid that match is basically an Olympic sport at my house (my housemates and I have taken to yelling “tupperwhere’s the lid?!” while we are looking).

I want to be a better writer: this seems more like a goal than something that belongs in an introduction, but it’s why I’m taking this class and it’s also something I think about a lot.

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