Challenge 1: Starting From Scratch

I don’t really know where to begin, and perhaps that is my greatest disadvantage as I begin to prepare for the Capstone project. I hold these lofty ideas in my mind but applying them seems to be an entirely different matter. I assumed that breaking down the initial step into a proposal, research lists, and production plan would assist in helping the project as a whole seem less daunting, but here I sit with all of that completed feeling no less intimidated. There is only one thing that can take me from Point A to Point B in this case—content.

How to do I begin to even formulate the words; the structure; the tone? The concept is there; the content is not. Somehow I need to align myself in a position, quickly, where I can freely begin to jot down even the simplest of phrases, mere sentences just to give the illusion that progress from a content standpoint is being made. Hopefully as I come to approach challenge post two I will have started to conquer this first fear—the fear of creation.

I first saw this challenge last semester in English 425 where the only requirement for a four page essay was the following sentence: make the private public. Having been cursed with a last name that consistently falls on the early side of the alphabet in classroom attendance lists, I was one of the first to present my essay with little to no prior examples off which to base my own. I started writing in the only way I knew how: describing the current situation in which I saw myself in that immediate instance.

“The heaving and wailing had managed to taper off little by little, each gasp for air landing almost exactly forty-five seconds apart. My eyes were swollen, practically screaming out of their sockets and sending throbbing pains through the back of my skull and down to the very tail of my spine.”

It was a simple description but words on a page nonetheless. And from this point I could begin. While a collection of essays in certainly more daunting than the one from English 425, the practice is the same: make the private public, over and over again.

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