Challenge Blog Four: Genre

Genre has been a huge focal point for our in-class workshops and it was one of the major concerns I had going into my Capstone project. When I initially had the idea for a music website, I was playing around with too many ideas. It was going to be an anti-gossip column, it was going to be Skimm-like news site about the music industry, and it was also supposed to incorporate album reviews. I had tons of exciting concepts, because I love music and have interned in the industry for two years. But I had to let that go somehow. Admittedly, it was great at first to have a plethora of options. However, I knew that my project would lack quality if it was bogged down by quantity.


There have been times in the past when I started too broad with a writing assignment. One instance that comes to mind is my first semester of freshman year, when I had to write a comparative literature paper using Maya Angelou’s work. I was far too overzealous with my thesis and ended up making a wild claim by the end of the paper about female writers’ representation in America. I used several outside sources that I did not need and it was utter chaos. It’s one of those papers that was a mess from the start and I tried to claim more than I needed to in the five pages I had.

That experience gives me pause now, because I can remember to collect my thoughts and narrow my focus. I was helpful to look back on an assignment like that one and use it as motivation to choose one thing for this Capstone. Now, I have settled on doing a digestible news site for music technology. I most definitely want to take stab at a longer op-ed piece, but it will remain in line with the shorter articles. It will be informative and up-to-date. That is my goal.

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  1. Amanda,

    First off, I really liked how this post took us through your thought process and transitioned into your current plan for your capstone. I remember during your workshop day some had mentioned the difficulty in making your music news site “unique,” as there are already a plethora of offerings in this domain.

    I think your idea of a music technology site is awesome and can offer nuance and be unique. Great idea! One of my previous roomates was very much involved music technology, and he taught me a lot about it. While I am not very well-versed in the music industry, I found his music technology background extremely interesting as it challenged me to listen to different types of music. I think that this topic will interest a large sector of people as they will actively want to learn about the vast changes in music technology and where it could possibly be headed.

    I did have a question about this site. Will you use this site to explain the developments of music technology throughout history, or will you choose to use it as a platform for news? I think the historical option could provide needed background and really allow your project to take off. In addition, I was wondering which types of sources you are planning to use to guide your research for your site?

    I am so glad you have pinned down such a unique and exciting topic.
    Looking forward to seeing where this project heads.


  2. Hi Amanda,

    This post made me happy to read because I definitely have experienced what you’re talking about. Sometimes it’s really hard to work on a project when you’re so invested in the topic because there’s so much that could go into it that it becomes the challenge of what to include and what not to – you have to step back to make sure you’re painting the picture you want and including what’s important to your specific goal.
    I struggled with my capstone in a similar way of having a broad topic and not being sure where exactly I was going to shape it into a project with a point and not just making it a big mess.

    I think you’ve landed on a great topic and I am so excited to see your end product. Have you picked a topic for your longer piece? I’m really curious to see what you end up discussing because I don’t think I have any kind of knowledge about your whole topic so I am intrigued.

    Good luck!

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