Challenge Journal 1: Consistency

When I try and picture what my Project is going to look like at the end of all of this, 5 or 6 possibilities pop into my head. I’m writing about dance, and I’m reaching a point where I’ve enjoyed the research I’ve done thus far and I’m excited to continue doing more, but I’m nervous about deciding which direction to go in. I want to talk about dance as a sport, I want to talk about dance as an art, I want to talk about the history of dance, I want to talk about the role of the dancer vs the role of the choreographer, I want to talk about my personal dance experience… The list is endless. What I DONT want is for the project to feel like 10 different ideas poorly woven together. I’m afraid because doing research is starting to make me think that might happen, as it feels like I’m researching several different topics instead of just one.

I also wonder what will happen when I try to weave these concepts together, because I have a history of struggling to keep my voice and tone consistent. I am sarcastic by nature, but I often don’t write in a sarcastic tone. I write in a more thoughtful and curious manner, yet in the past I’ve tried to incorporate sarcasm and wit and while I think it turns out okay at the time, looking back it reads choppy and disjointed, because it is unlike the tone of the rest of the piece.

For instance, in my Gateway essay about Why I Write I share a story about my first daycare. The reason I included this was to highlight how noisy and babbly I was as a child, but I tried to have a very present voice by being sarcastic about the woman who ran the daycare:

“I discovered my own voice and liked the sound of it, so I cooed and screeched constantly at different volumes and tones, which was too much for Poor Daycare Lady. Poor Daycare Lady was seemingly unaware that babies make noise, and it shocked her so much that she had to throw me out. She must not have thought my childish charm was enough to outweigh the ruckus that accompanied it.”

While it was fun using this tone to talk about the daycare lady, reading it now makes me realize how out of place it seems in the whole essay. Never again do I use that tone, and it doesn’t fit with the purpose of the story. I think the reason I did it was because I was writing separate stories and combining them together, and I didn’t pay enough attention to the importance of writing in a similar voice throughout the entire essay, not just for each story. I’m going to try to find a balance in the capstone project with how much of my own voice I want to include, and make sure it carries through for each topic I’m discussing.

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