Challenge Journal 1: Finding the Focus

The hardest part of the writing process for me lies between the time the assignment is given, and the time I actually start composing my piece. I have trouble thinking of an idea that I am proud enough of, inspired by enough and confident about. I usually have a general idea about what concept I want to explore more and write about, but its the specific angle that often trips me up.

As I worked on writing my proposal and determining the exact angle I wanted to explore my topic from, I worried that I was either missing an important element or focusing on something that I wouldn’t be able to effectively develop. This reminded me of an experience I had in English 225 when I was working on a research paper that was assigned. I immediately knew that I wanted to explore film music and its effects as this is something I have always been intrigued by. However, sharpening that idea was challenging, and it took a while until I was able to decide on the direction I wanted to take.

In my abstract I stated, “This essay aims to investigate these various effects and how the addition of music to visuals and other technical elements of movies alter the audience‚Äôs experience.” However, if my essay was going to be purposeful and further contribute to the conversation that revolved around film music, I needed to decide on a lens to view “the audience’s experience” from. After I began researching and writing and reaching many decisions and continuously changing my mind, I finally settled on looking at “the various functions film music has in supplementing dialogue, narrative, cinematography, and other components” rather than focusing only on the psychological effect of music in general.

I am excited to explore fear for my Capstone project from a generational angle– looking at the differences between my generation’s experience with fear and our parents’. As we were reminded in class though, I am prepared for a shift during the writing process if necessary.

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