Challenge Journal 2: A Missed Opportunity

When I think about a writing project that I would’ve loved to have more time to develop before handing in, the essay I wrote last semester about rock music comes to mind. I wrote this essay for English 225. The assignment required us to take an essay we had previously written and rewrite it with a different purpose and for a different audience. I chose to revisit a review I wrote on a New York Times article about “rockists”– people who simply can’t let the classic rock songs of the ’60s, ’70s and ’80 be surpassed in their minds by any other music today. I found this topic interesting because I grew up listening to rock music because of my dad– someone who I believe to be a rockist, in fact. I decided to explore the reasons people like rockists become obsessed with a music genre and can’t let it go. I researched the psychological side of it, and I also interviewed my dad.

I would have like to have more time to interview other people, especially people my age I know who are just as obsessed with classic rock music as my dad is. I would have liked to intertwine stories from other adults who grew up listening to classic rock music and to hear their stories, because part of what made my paper so successful were the anecdotes my dad told me about his first classic rock album and so on. For example, in my introduction I mention the origin of my dad’s love for classic rock. Excerpt below:

This obsession traces back to the year 1975, when his older brother gave him his very first albums: Chicago and Bachman Turner Overdrive. From that point on, he grew to love The Beatles, Boston, The Cars, and other iconic rock groups of the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s.

It would have been nice to have more time to find out more details about this story, and collect stories from others as well. I also would have loved to learn more about the psychological perspective of music obsession, and even explore this phenomenon in other genres. I feel like this could have been a topic for a semester-long project like we are working on now, and I know that because the essay felt slightly incomplete when I handed it in.

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  1. Hi Melony!

    This is a really intriguing topic! I think it would have been cool for you to be able to interview people of all ages as well to compare how they related to the music. Because you’re right, there are young people today who are “rockists,” but they didn’t grow up when the music was coming out like our parents did. Investigating the relationship there, similarities/differences, whether or not they got the same kind of enjoyment out of it would have been interesting!

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