Challenge Blog Four: Fighting with Technology

This week’s challenge came as I was sitting down to edit my first podcast. At the start of this project, I chose to do a podcast series, because it seemed like the best fit for my project, but I also thought it would be relatively easy to figure out the recording, transcribing, and editing process. I was very wrong. After conducting my first few interviews, I just kept telling myself that I’d sit down and edit the recordings in a couple of hours and that it would be easy. Again, I was very wrong. Once I finally sat down to edit my first interview it dawned on me that the editing process wasn’t just converting a file to an mp3 and uploading it to my website.

I needed to listen to each interview (ranging from 30-40 minutes a piece) and carefully mark the parts I wanted to include by the exact seconds in order to edit them out later. Then I had to use iMovie to actually make these cuts, which of course first required me to learn how to use the program. This alone was an hour detour, because I’m technologically challenged. Now I understand how my mom feels when she can’t figure out how to send a picture through iMessage. It should be easy and in fact it is, but when you have no clue where to start, you tire quickly of searching aimlessly for the answer.

After I had a basic understanding of iMovie, I was able to cut and edit my podcast relatively easily. It was a different challenge figuring out how to transition from one clip to another in a way that didn’t sound awkward or choppy, however after a couple of hours I had something I was happy enough with. Something I’ve struggled with during this project is being ok with things turning out differently than I expected. I knew a podcast would be a challenge in itself, but the amount of time it’s taken to complete just one episode has been a wakeup call. Perfection isn’t the goal. The goal is to finish what I started.

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