Challenge Journal 3: Design

Having made a lot of progress on the speeches for my capstone project, I’ve begun to struggle on how to implement “annotations” into the text.

Using Wix as my website developer helps make a lot of the design implementation easy, but coming up with a way to have the reader be able to read the speech and annotations – without getting overloaded with text – has proven to be more of a challenge that I had originally thought of.

Take, for example, the following quote:

You see, free trade directly affects our growth and poverty rate – the freer goods can be exported and imported into the United States, the faster we can reach 4% growth. At the same time, however, we’re also decreasing poverty and saving our environment. Every one of you in this room can live in a more competitive economy, in a community less poor, and in a cleaner environment – all directly improved by freeing up trade.”

Attached to this quote I want to add the following comments:

“Note the use of “you” compared to the use of “us” in the larger speech. Using “you” makes the audience think of their direct lives if they did live in this world the principal is painting.”

The principal ties all of these issues together, when in the longer speech, each issue gets its own explanation. This is beneficial for limited time but similar information. See how this can be supplemented in the tweet below!”

I’m trying to decide how I want to implement these annotations. Do I want to have the speech, itself, off-centered with the annotations going directly to a set of quotes? Do I want the annotations to be hidden only to pop-up and cover the text I’m using to demonstrate a particular point? I think there are pros/cons to both options but I would love some design help going forward!

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