Considering the Consequences

Free-writing is the written equivalent of letting your mind run wild (sometimes disturbingly so).

Case in point: An excerpt from my “free-write” paragraph generated in class:

The most extreme logical consequence/implication of my issue? That we don’t care whether our information is correct, or whether we are perceive said information correctly. We tune out to information, even that which is rational, and lack the motivation to absorb information critically. What happens next? Regarding our news sources, competition ceases to exist. News information is no longer held to a collective standard, and there is no incentive to choose one over another as a result of an increasing degree of societal apathy. Information becomes solely run through the government, and society willingness concedes. the fourth estate ceases to exist. Individuals lose their sense of right and wrong, lacking the motivation or desire to distinguish between the two.

How did I get so morbid? I didn’t think I had it in me.

On the point of using this exercise as a perspective check…this exercise helped me to center on the immediacy of my topic, and to remember “why my argument is important.” The exercise was more thought-provoking than I initially expected, and I may use it again (though will hopefully dive into the complexity of first couple of thoughts, rather than the unsettling last few).


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