The Grand Finale

My final project will be a final version of my experiment one, which was the idea of doing a commercial. The commercial includes the beloved Satan and a lonesome man trying to sell Satan pepper jack cheese at a kiosk in a grocery store. I have always loved working in iMovie and experimenting with different formats, so I think working on making a commercial could be both fun and challenging.

In order to accomplish this large goal of mine, there are a few things I have to get cracking on!

  • First and foremost, I need to finalize my commercial script so I can begin sharing this with the actors (two of my friends) who will play Satan and the salesperson. The casting process was rather vigorous, but I know my two chosen actors will bring their all.
  • This may be a seemingly minor step, but ultimately pretty big in the scheme of things. I need to figure out what the heck Satan is going to wear/ look like in order to correctly convey the image of Satan grocery shopping. Just some quick ideas on how to do this include red clothing, potentially working with special effects to add flames around my actor, maybe using a voice to emphasize fear in the actor’s voice. If anyone has any ideas, toss them in the comments.
  • Location is crucial to this project. I would like to shoot in the dairy/cheese aisle of a grocery store, preferably Meijer or Kroger. Shooting directly in a grocery store creates more of a commercial mood, as well as adding humor through physically seeing Satan grocery shop.
  • Also, I must make sure I film extra footage, in case I need to play around with editing more! Quantity is important!

However, every experimenter must have some concerns or it would be too easy. I am definitely concerned that my vision for this project is so specific that it won’t end up coming out the way I want it to. That will be the biggest thing for me to overcome through this project. I have to keep my mind open to change and new ideas. Another concern I have is that this entire idea is out of my comfort zone. I’ve never done something like this before, so the unknown can be fearful. It scares me but excites me. Challenges are always fun, and I am definitely up for one.

I am really excited to get started with turning this project into my vision. Cannot wait to see what it turns out looking like!

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