Monday Motivation

The bulk of my work is yet to come. Last week, I felt burdened by the mountain that this work seemed to impose. This week, however, I feel different.

Spring break is supposed to be an opportunity to recover, and when you come back you’re supposed to feel rejuvenated and ready to finish your semester strong. I, on the other hand, came back 15 pounds lighter and very sick. Not ideal.

This weekend, however, as I was beginning to feel like my normal self again, I did another interview with my grandparents. Hearing their stories made me go back to my original purpose. THIS is why I was passionate about this project. THESE STORIES need to be recorded. These conversations (as well as a last-second Michigan basketball win) were what I needed to climb out of my rut.

So, for the last two weeks I’ve been focused on healing my body. Now, I can finally focus on healing my writing. With my illness, I’ve been out of my groove, unable to stick to any semblance of a routine. And as Tharpe says, “Art is a vast democracy of habit”. This week, my Monday morning routine is back. I’ve finally got a plan of attack. This bodes well for the upcoming week of writing, and I’m excited for it.

The writing and editing will be difficult, but no longer mountainous. Instead of my mind floundering, trying to swim upstream, I feel like my mind has finally found a boat (a healthy, energized body) to help me to navigate sometimes treacherous waters.

I’m feeling optimistic — now time to go create!

Jordan Poole’s face is my Monday motivation

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