Present Tense: Me as a Writer

Writing has this preconceived stereotype that it needs to be extremely literary and include numerous fancy words (shoutout Thesaurus). Growing up, I always attacked a writing assignment with the intent of making it sound like some British scribe in the 1920s. Yet, on my writing journey, I’ve found that writing has no rules or boundaries. So, in looking at myself as a writer right here in March of 2018, I would say I am a very visual writer who writes as she speaks. When I write, my mind immediately goes to descriptive words. I love to write about what I see, feel, hear, tase, etc. I also write just as I speak. Most of my writing wears a very distinct voice “coat” (if you will) that gives away my writing identity. I know I could never anonymously publish something as everyone would know it was me. But even despite this, I feel I’ve personally grown as a writer. My articulation, even since entering the gateway, has improved tremendously. I also feel that my ability to take risks with writing has become less of a fearful task and more exciting. That was most certainly not the case a few years ago. Why this is the case, I cannot answer. But what I do know is that my writing journey has just begun. Where I will end up in a few years will probably be rather different than right now. And that, I guess, is the fun aspect of writing. My current articulate, descriptive, personalized writing may change soon, and I cannot wait to see how and if it does.

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