How to write a children’s book

Not totally sure. Here’s to figuring it out.

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My final project will be a realization of my experiment 2, a children’s book. My initial plan for this book was to fill a hole in a lesson plan I created for students that I worked with that were in preschool and had autism. After I worked on the experiment, I know that the book can be fairly universal for all young children, not just preschoolers or preschoolers with autism. The book is about a boy named Rodney who only likes to eat red food. Later, when he feels his stomach grumble and looks in the fridge to find only non-red food, he decides to eat other colors and enjoys them. Real climactic, I know. But the simplicity is important for my audience. I’m also going to include a parent’s guide to sensory processing disorder (regarding food) in the back of the book because that will connect it more to my original lesson plan for students with autism as well as broaden the audience. I knew that this would be my final project as soon as I started working on it. It combines so much of what I love (children, writing, books, drawing, special needs!!!) and it’s the one experiment that I truly enjoyed working on the most. 


Here are some of the steps I need to take to turn my experiment into a true project and to finish the semester strong:

  • Revise and edit the actual words/plot of my book (do most children’s books use active or passive voice?)
  • Revise my sketch as things start to change as I produce the book (e.g. using markers instead of water color)
  • Choose a title (HELP)
  • Draw all illustrations and scan them in
  • Make a physical draft of the book and read it to some kids I babysit- see what they like and what they don’t like
    • Revise based on kid preferences
  • Choose a product site (Blurb? I’m going to have to send it in fairly soon to have it shipped in time!!)
  • Format book online and order (does a PDF come with this?)
    • Figure out how to get book online
  • Work on wix site: make project more forward and give experiments the back seat


Although I’m stressed beyond belief, I’m really looking forward to finishing all my illustrations and starting to see my book come together online and even in the physical form! I’m a little apprehensive about a few things, especially the title, because I can’t seem to come up with a good one, no matter how hard I try. I’m also a little nervous about shipping/pricing stress; I’m hoping I find a good way to create the actual book… sometime this week (!!!!!!) so I can get it shipped in time. Re-configuring my mile-long to do list in my brain as I type this… 

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