eight short stories in two short weeks

I met with T after class, which completely changed my plans (in a good way). So for my final project, I look away from the newspaper front page and towards a short story cycle, my third experiment. Quick aside, some background on short story cycles (SSC). SSCs are collections of short stories that can be read as individual pieces, while still connecting/conveying a collective message through the overall work. These connections can be obvious like the same setting or characteristics, or more subtle like themes and moods.


So how will I create this? I will base my SSC based on images from my original material (old photoblog —  I would say check it out but I stupidly tried to change the theme when I really only had twenty minutes to spare so it looks like a mess and oh my god what have I done). The connecting elements will be the setting (Ann Arbor) and the shared, unnamed narrator. I’m also exploring use the changing weather to show the change in time (and maybe a change in the narrator?). I don’t know why I like the weather so much…even experiment two had a lot of weather elements in it.

Ok side note, I got distracted by a bunch of weather gifs, so I decided to share some.

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I have mixed feelings about my SSC right now. I think its causing me one part happiness, two parts anxiety, but at the same time, I feel like most writers feel this way with their work. While I enjoy creative writing, I struggle refining my voice to fit the story. I usually write the way I talk (why narratives are my favorite), creative fiction pushes me to adopt the voices of my characters and see personalities outside of myself. I want to push myself out of my writing comfort zone.

To alleviate some of my fears with actually finishing this final project on time, I planned out my future steps. First steps…well honestly actually finish up experiment three. It’s been a rough week so I have a lot of catch up to do. Experiment three will probably have two to three short stories, while the final will have six to seven. I already have the images picked out, so it’s just a matter of writing the stories. Easy peasy right?

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The sketch draft will help me layout the foundation of the SSC and the ideas I want to connect throughout the pieces. I already have an idea of what I want to say in some of the stories, which I have included in the sketch draft.

Lastly, my what I’m most looking forward to and least looking forward to….the big one first: finishing on time. Or rather finishing on time with something quality. Because I can easily write a lot (can you tell I’m a rambler), but I don’t know how to ensure its quality. I am, however, looking forward to writing these pieces. As I talk things out, I can see my ideas falling into play, so I am excited to see those through, to see my ideas solidify in my eight short stories in the coming two weeks.

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