A season of discovering possibilities

All of my writing experiments this semester had been exploratory. I took risk to work on different genres. I wrote something I had never written before, something I had always wanted to try, and something that Alia from the 1920s would write.

Experiment 1 – was new. Script writing was something that I never thought I would do because: 1) I was never taught how to write a script, and 2) I didn’t know scriptwriting was ever an option, and 3) I was taught only scriptwriters write scripts, not people like me, non-scriptwriters, and 4) I didn’t really go to plays (I’ve started going to a few and they were, actually, fun). Families and friends who knew me would understand that the prospect of me writing a script was close to saying I acted in a play. It’s just never going to happen, but it did happened with scriptwriting and I’m glad it did. What I really liked from this experiment was navigating through a different genre than I used to. The format was unusual, the terminology was a new set of vocabulary and the process was distinct (these are all synonyms for ‘different.’ I have limited vocab). Even the library was different! I never would have guessed we have a library dedicated to only scripts! So throughout this experiment, I had a new outlook on writing and that writing can mean so many things to so many people. My experience of writing was different than your experience of writing, but through this experiment I got to feel what it meant to write a script. (It meant getting into character and acting it out even though to your roommate you look like you’re talking to yourself. Tell them, “It’s art”)

Lunch, lab and script for Ratatouille

Experiment 2 – was a shock.

Poetry writing



(Really? A ballad?!)

Experiment 3 – was my savior, an inner tribute to my dead cat. I wrote diary entries, from the point of view of a cat. This experiment challenged me to write something periodical in a non-periodical way. People wrote diary entries within years and I wrote this experiment within weeks. So it felt out-of-touch that in one real day, I had to imagine I had lived five days. Still, due to the personal connection of reminiscing my cat’s life, I decided to pursue this as the final project.

You know how Americans say pets are their babies, then Experiment 1 was my baby that I cradled with joy. Experiment 2 was an honest mistake(?) and experiment 3 was a celebration of my cat’s vibrant life. But for all of them, I discovered writing differently was possible and not scary. Although it was a bit painful to be going out of my comfort zone of rigid academic writing. It was like getting out of bed on February 23rd for an 8AM class that you enjoy going to.

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  1. I’m so glad you hyperlinked your experiments! Great idea 🙂
    Also, your summary for experiment two had be laughing out loud. I remember your workshop in class, and I’ve got to say, I loved your ballad. Don’t be too hard on yourself.
    Quick suggestion for the first paragraph, maybe break it up a bit? You already have numbered points, so it might be easier to read those as separate lines than one block of text.
    Great blog post!

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