Challenge Journal 3

I’m having a lot of challenges with figuring out how I want my project site to look. I had this problem with my gateway e-portfolio too. I am just so picky and have a very particular vision. I worry about being campy because I really want my project site to be creepy and unsettling–because that’s what this story is, creepy and unsettling (to say the least).

I also don’t want it to be cliche and kitschy (idk how it would be, but that’s always a worry). My goal for this entire thing (even after we turn in our projects) is to keep working on it and add much more as I do more research. I think in order to calm my worries I am going to have to begin designing my project site long before I think I’m ready.

I’m a very linear worker. I like to do things from beginning to end, though that is not always the most conducive for doing things well. I really feel like I need to wait until my writing is finished before I can begin making my site but that’s just…wrong?? Anyways, I began designing my e-portfolio early on in the semester and I still use mine to this day. One of the things I’ve loved most about the MiW is that I can use what I’ve made as I continue, you know, continuing. I haven’t gotten sick of this project once and I hope my design pickiness won’t get in the way of that feeling.

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