Challenge Journal 4: The audio

The end of Capstone felt like Gateway all over again.

For my Gateway, I produced an audio component that was meant to be in a podcast format (Here’s the link: And for Capstone, I incorporated an audio portion again. The interviews were originally supposed to become part of my writing, but after actually doing them, I thought they would work better as a complementary piece to my writing.

Anyway, for the most part, I thought the Gateway audio turned out well, other than the fact that the interview was conducted over the phone and made the audio fuzzy. Luckily, I managed to avoid that issue this time around by meeting people in person for the interviews.

But once again, I had to navigate through Garageband. Even though I’d used it a couple years ago for Gateway, editing the audio was still challenging. Specifically, the audio is so detailed that I’d often cut portions of “ums” or moments of silence, and still find that there was a significant portion of it left to be edited. Usually it involved a trial and error process, where I’d edit a small section three or four times until I thought it was good enough to put on the site.

On top of that, I couldn’t figure out a way to edit my own voice out of the audio. I didn’t run into the issue with Gateway, because the audio primarily featured my brother telling his own story, and I only needed to ask a specific list of 10 questions. Once I had the audio recorded, it was really easy to edit out my own questions and then talk over the audio when necessary.

This time around, however, I had far more conversational interviews. As a result, my own small reactions to the interviewees answers can often be heard in the background, but if I were to cut them out, I’d also be cutting parts of their answers.

Ultimately, it was an issue I couldn’t seem to find a solution for, but I’m happier with this audio component just because the audio is a lot clearer.

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  1. Hi Kevin!
    I’m so glad that you figured everything out. I’ve done a bunch of interviews for other classes (that I would recommend if we weren’t graduating *tear*), and have had very similar struggles. I just like to comment on what they’re saying! It feels weird and uncomfortable if you’re just sitting there silent while they’re opening up about their life. I’ve gotten much better at the serious nodding/various facials that can let the interviewee know that you’re still there listening.
    I’m not sure if you ran into this, but it’s also sometimes uncomfortable for them to repeat your question in the answer– i.e. if you ask “how old are you” and they just say “21”, then the listener needs to hear your voice in order to understand their answer. But if you ask them to repeat the question in the answer, they would respond, “I’m 21 years old.”
    Anyways. Interviews are noooot easy, and I’m glad that you feel good about how they all turned out! Congrats!

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