Challenge Journal 4: The End?

It probably has something to do with undergrad being over and graduation being in a few days (please weather gods let it be warmer), but I’ve been in a very ~reflective~ mood as of late. I’ve been reflecting on my capstone, and on pretty much every single decision I made throughout my undergraduate career.

When it comes to capstone, finishing it was a little….anti-climatic. Even when I closed wix and vowed to not look at that site ever again because I’m so annoyed with it, I still feel like I need to go over it one more time. Make sure there are no typos, all the links work, things like that.

In a reflection I wrote for English 325, I wrote that

When it comes to my writing process as a whole, writing good rough drafts is now what’s most important to me. It allows me to focus more specifically on the choices I make throughout the essay, and I can work on developing them overtime, as opposed to just in the final draft.

Admittedly, I still rarely (if ever) write rough drafts if it’s not required. Which is dumb, because writing rough drafts improves the overall quality of my final paper sooo much. The more separation and time I can get between when I start something and when it’s due, the better. Which you would think starting capstone at the beginning of the semester and turning it in at the very end would make this like, the best thing I’ve ever written, since I’ve had so much time to revise. But with capstone, it seems like I can’t revise it enough. Maybe it’s because it’s not like a paper where once you submit it, that’s it, but for whatever reason, I just be done with my capstone. It’s done, technically, but it really doesn’t feel like it.

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