Challenge Journal: What I wish I spent more time on

One piece of writing I would have liked to spend more time working on was an essay I wrote on the television show, Bojack Horseman, sophomore year. While I was satisfied with what I produced, I really enjoyed writing about the greater meaning of a tv show. I argued Bojack Horseman was different than other animated shows as it had the ability to make its audience both laugh and cry. I wrote that while it looks like one thing on the outside, it is really something different.

“At first sight, BoJack Horseman seems to be a goofy satire of Hollywood and the entertainment industry, but the viewer quickly notices that it is much more. What is at the core of the story is a character study of a very depressed horseman. While BoJack’s life may be outlandish and unbelievable, his insecurities are common. His character development, or lack thereof, turns another surreal thirty-minute animated comedic television show, into one of the most powerful tragicomedies on television.”

The main reason I want to spend more time working on this piece, or another similar one, is because it shows me the power of good writing. As a writer, if I want to tell a story, or teach a lesson, and that is my purgative, Bojack Horseman showed me that I can go about doing that in many ways. I don’t have to be straightforward or traditional for my readers (or viewers) to understand the underlying and universal problems I can explore in my writing. This allows a writer to teach its audience something they might not have signed up for in the first place. Most people who start watching Bojack Horseman likely just want to have a few laughs and relax. Luckily the show is funny, so a viewer gets to have those laughs, but before they know it, the show can take a dark and profound turn. A viewer that signed up to watch something funny soon finds themselves watching something meaningful that will stay with them after the episode ends. To me, this is true artistry.  The ability to be subtle with your point but also impactful with that point is something I want to strive for.

So I would have enjoyed to spend more time on this essay and to create more like it examining different shows or pieces of art. When I peeled back the layers of Bojack Horseman, I really took a liking to what I found. I can only imagine what artistry lies within the writing of other popular shows with deeper meaning than it seems on the surface like The Adventures of Rick and Morty.

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