That is, in some ways, the title and the point of my project. It is called, Umeshindajewhich translates to “How are you conquering?” in Swahili. The phrase is used colloquially as “How are you?” but I find it ironic and meaningful that its literal translation is something much more drastic than the average greeting. And don’t we conquer something everyday?

So, I used this phrase as inspiration and the backdrop of my project: when I conquered a mountain and my first intercultural experience. The piece juxtaposes my time in Tanzania against my time climbing Kilimanjaro—mimicking my arrival at different mental (and physical) checkpoints throughout my journey. If I had more bandwith, I would have upheld the same style for my journey after returning from Tanzania: because that is when I came down the mountain, metaphysically. 

This is something I have wanted to write about for a long time, and I am thankful to have had the opportunity to tackle this obstacle. And it doesn’t have to stop here. I hope with my project, I can inspire people to conquer the barrier between our culture and African cultures: even if it is just a small foothill one day to the next.

Thanks for a great semester!

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