Something that I’ve been struggling with in regards to my Capstone project is how to end it! This is my first experience delving into fiction, so this challenge is rather novel to me. Normally when I write my stories I focus on non-fiction, so the ending is pretty much taken care of already. However, with the fiction genre, I have a lot more agency in terms of how I can conclude the story. I want it to be emotionally powerful, a big climax that sums up the events that have preceded it and leaves the reader with an empty feeling. I want to make the reader think. To do that, I can’t really draw from my own experiences like I’ve been able to for the rest of my project. Who’s going to be emotionally impacted by an ending consisting of the characters graduating and going to college? In addition to being boring and rather emotionless, that ending is also the cliche to end all cliches. So an issue that I’ve run into that, I suppose, is more of a compounding of the initial problem rather than a new challenge itself, is how dramatic to make my ending without being either unrealistic or over the top.

It’s not really possible for me to address this challenge by looking at my old work because this really is uncharted territory for me. However, I’m attempting to ameliorate this problem by looking at the works that inspired me to take on this capstone project. Namely, I’ve been re-reading Bret Easton Ellis’ Less Than Zero, I’m taking note of how he addresses the dramatic parts of the story, and I will try and emulate some of those steps in my ending as well. Here’s hoping it works!

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