Experiment Reflection

Doing all three of these experiments was like having my own little experiment family with three experiment children, and yes I had a favorite .All three experiments provided a unique experience with creating each of them. Experiment number two was the most uncomfortable to me. It was an open letter and it just felt kinda awkward because I felt like I was writing to myself and I knew that the likelihood of Kendrick Lamar ever seeing it was slim to none. Experiment one was my favorite and gave me the chance to be creative. Turning experiment one into my final video project is the hardest part though because of the fact that getting what I imagine in my head on film is the most challenging part. Throughout the process I have had to change my video and I probably will still end up changing it in the end as far as length. Doing all three experiments is something I take pride in looking back, and although I do have my favorite all three were fun to do.

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