Experimenting with experiments to create an experimentation experiment

Thats a whole lot of experiments…don’t stress, its only three actual experiments. But, it doesn’t have to be!

These experiments challenged me to experiment not only with ideas, but with language, structure, and making choices. Everything that goes into these writing investigations is an experiment.

To sum these little guys up in an image, picture this: You know when you get this immense bust of motivation to clean your room, or bleach the whole house, or redecorate the living room, but then midway through, you realize you’re just too tired and don’t want to finish the mess you’ve just created? That is what these experiments felt like. You get this fabulous idea, crank out a little and then just do not want to finish it at the moment. You’d be lying if you said you have never experienced this feeling before…

This course has challenged me to try new things that are definitely out of my comfort zone; learning to be comfortable being uncomfortable. But thats writing, right? Trying new things, trial and error, what have you.

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