I’m a skeptic

When I started this class, I was really skeptical of these “experiments.” I thought this class was going to push me to write new genres in a more conventional way. I really didn’t see how these experiments were going to push me as a writer. However, throughout the experiment’s and the investigations into the genres I was working with, I have been exposed to different types of writing and styles. My dad has always told me that the way to become a better writer is simply to read, and now, I understand what he means by that.

Me at the beginning of the semester

Through investigating genres, finding models and reading my peers’ work, I have been pushed to become a better and more diverse writer than I have ever been. I’ve learned that I like to write non-fiction and personal pieces and that I don’t particularly enjoy fiction writing or creating podcasts.

My final project feels like a perfect culmination of the semester. It allows me to focus onĀ the issue of feminism and women’s rights, to create a medium for other women’s voices to be heardĀ and to share my own voice. Can’t wait for you to see it!

2 thoughts to “I’m a skeptic”

  1. First of all that’s my favorite SNL sketch of all time. Second of all I totally feel you- I was ready to not learn anything with these experiments, but not only have I learned about writing itself, but I’ve learned about who I am, what I like, and who I want to be. AND I’ve also learned more about other people’s styles of writing and how I can use what they write to become a better writer. Who knew.

    So excited for your final project!!!

  2. Ok not gonna lie the Obama gif caught my eye, but I’m so glad it did. My parents used to tell me same thing: reading makes a better writer, but I agree with your comment on this class: interacting with others writers in a variety of genres makes me a better writer too. I think is also one of the key reason I love working at Sweetland. Working with writers form a variety of backgrounds and skill levels leads to such interesting, engaging conversation on writing!

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