I’m emotional, okay?

People always piss me off when they say that writing is “easy” or that its a cop out. Tell that to J.K. Rowling my dude. Or better yet, stop texting. That’s writing, moron.

Okay sorry, I’m heated. But emotion always fuels some of my best work so I’m rolling with it.

I, along with many others, have found solace in countless aspects of my life simply because of my ability to express myself through writing. I write to blow off steam when yelling into my pillow isn’t enough. You may write to get an A, but I write to calm myself. Your neighbor may write to apply to law school; your sister writes to get likes on her Instagram picture. Your professor writes to express why your paper that you procrastinated on until the night before sucks. We all write, whether you like it or not.

Here is my manifesto, announcement, what have you, about writing. I used some fun visuals in the manifesto because I thought it looked pretty. Like, subscribe, comment below, lol.


2 thoughts to “I’m emotional, okay?”

  1. ok Jack stole my comment. Yes, this sounds so like you , Liv. I honestly heard your voice in my head when I was reading it. And I totally agree about the emotions things: I can tell I write better when I get heated.

    Also, I love the incorporation of font size in your manifesto. It does a great job of drawing my eyes into your focus points.

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