Challenge Journal – I’m Too Vague

Hello, everyone!

Looking back at one of my assignments for English 225, my rhetorical analysis, I wrote about rhetorical strategies of Mark Hemingway, a reputable conservative journalist. Some of the lines I wrote include:

“After establishing this polarizing mindset in his audience, Hemingway again uses emotional appeals to establish commonalities between himself and his audience and suggest that his argument for freedom of speech is pertinent to their collective understanding of the purpose of life from a Christian perspective. Because of this, Hemingway’s use of emotional appeals is effective because it creates a consensus of anger and a feeling of purpose in the audience of students.”

While these sentences are certainly a rhetorical analysis, I wonder if they’re too vague? And I also often wonder if what I’m writing is insultingly simple for readers or going over their heads. It’s sometimes difficult to know when all your ideas have been cemented in your mind for awhile.

This reminds me of when Ray asked us to make our mentions of “society” etc. less vague and more targeted. But is there ever an appropriate time for being fairly broad? I’m not sure..

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