Last One Best One?

Well…In the words of every high school coach ” Last one best one” is not applicable to me in terms of my experiments. For my final project I have decided to go with experiment number one. Doing the hype video is what I am most passionate about and is a project where I feel I can be the most creative. Although I did enjoy doing all three experiments I feel that I don’t have any future with them or see any bigger picture with the other experiments moving forward.

My hype video allows me to be as creative as I want , but simultaneously poses the biggest challenge because the final product that I have in my head is difficult to get on video. Finding time outside of my busy schedule is a challenge that I know I am going to have to tackle early on as well. The most important thing I can do to help myself when it comes to time and filming is really getting an in depth sketch draft so that when I do film I know exactly what I’m supposed to be filming rather than wasting time or trying to guess what “might” look good . Setting a time length during my sketch draft is important too because I don’t want my video to be too long and I want to set a goal for myself so that I don’t feel overwhelmed with filming.

Im very excited to be able to turn my experiment one into the final project that I have in my head. I know it will take a lot of planning and patience for it to come out the way I want it to, but if i take all of the necessary steps the outcome will be great. So stay tuned … last one best one? I hope so.

One thought to “Last One Best One?”

  1. Courtney, you do such a great job of bringing this post 180 at the end. I love the way your intro ties into the end — there’s something so satisfying about seeing that done well in writing. I also love love love your hype video, so I can’t wait to see the final product, and your blog posts really illustrates your passion for it, which makes it all the more wonderful. Best of luck!

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