My Capstone Project – “Cut”

When I walked into our classroom in the beginning of January, I had an “itch” that I needed to scratch. It’s an itch that I first noticed all the way back in July, and it had been manifesting ever since. I knew that it wouldn’t go away until I addressed it, so I decided to use this Capstone project as my backscratcher.

The itch regards something that I believe most of us are afflicted with, but few of us have ever heard of: Protagonist Disease. Protagonist disease, or protagonist thinking, describes viewing your life as a story – a story in which you function as the central figure, or “main character.” Protagonist thinkers are in the habit of internalizing their lives as plot developments. They might even fantasize that their lives are being projected onto a screen somewhere in real time, and that the “audience” is rooting for them and sympathizing with them as they follow along with the various scenes of their lives.



I like to think of my project, “Cut,” as a sort of psychological thriller – one that is meant to capture the essence of protagonist thinking. It’s a little meta, and it’s a little abstract, but I hope that by the end, it speaks to why we engage in protagonist thinking, and what the consequences of doing so might be.

A huge thank you everyone in the Sweetland community who helped me grow as a writer, and who helped this project come into its own. All the class sessions and group workshops certainly made a big difference, but all the support, camaraderie, and inspiration within the Minor in Writing community made a world of difference. Both myself and my project are much better off for having been a part of it.

I’ve been scratching my itch all semester, and I hope that the result is something you can enjoy. Here’s the link to my project site:

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