My Writing Comfort Zone

Anytime I’m given the freedom to write about what I want, it always comes back to the same topics: social media, celebrities, news, pop culture etc. As a communications major who’s looking to go into this world after college that naturally makes a lot of sense. Yet sometimes when I’m given an assignment and I choose a topic that falls into one of those categories, I feel a little bit defeated. Like, do I really only know how to write about one topic?

Back in senior year of high school we had a year long “keystone” project. I initially wanted to do something about medical abnormalities (I was not planning on being a comm major) but as my ideas progressed I realized I wanted to instead focus on the effects of social media on our high school environment. Four years later with this capstone project a similar thing happened. I started off with a project focused on what it means to be a descendent of the Holocaust, as the grandchild of two survivors, and how to preserve shared history. Though I still find this meaningful and interesting, there just wasn’t enough there for me to envision a project that I would feel satisfied with. So, I switched my topic to one about how influencers build personal brands online. There are also multiple instances of this throughout other classes from an open letter assignment in English 225 to a campaign for a social cause in Comm 417. It always comes back to the same topics.

I think through this capstone project I’ve come to feel way more ok with this. Certain classes do push me outside of my writing comfort zone but if this is where I’m comfortable and where I excel I should probably embrace that.

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  1. Hey Elana! As a fellow comm major and pop culture junkie I completely understand where you’re coming from. Every time I get the opportunity to write about something I always center it around my interests in celebrities, music, film, and more. It’s a very comfortable place to be and somewhere I always feel confident working in. But it seems like you have an interest in venturing away, it just gets sacrificed for something more familiar.

    Yesterday another class I’m in had final presentations whereby students had to give a 10-minute TED Talks on a topic of their choosing. One of my classmates gave a presentation on a growth vs. a fixed mindset and I found this premise quite illuminating. What she shared was that those who have a fixed mindset believe that their abilities, intelligence, and talents are fixed traits, thinking that you are born with a certain amount and that’s all you have. A growth-mindset on the other hand sees abilities, intelligence, and talent as qualities that can be worked on and improved. I’m telling you this because when I read your last sentence, “if this is where I’m comfortable and where I excel I should probably embrace that,” it immediately brought this notion back to the top of my mind.

    Are you uninterested in exploring other topics or are you under the assumption that you’re only good at writing about your interests? I think that wading through this question is important to ask yourself as it pertains to your growth as a writer. With an impending communications degree obviously it makes most sense to be best at what you’ll practice most. However, I think adopting a growth mindset would be beneficial in the long run and for your creative development.

    Good luck with your project!! I hope this has been insightful!

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