Not my first time experimenting!

Every experiment has been somewhat of a pain in the ass. Again I’m talking about writing here. And I’m only somewhat joking about that being a pain in the ass. The experiments haven’t just forced me to write differently, but have forced me to think in the scope of the larger project. Because of this, I feel like I have to have a more holistic vision that combines, word, meaning and form is required. Perhaps that is why I have chosen my third experiment, which utilizes found poetry from the screenshots about Blaze Bernstein’s death on facebook. It’s the only experiment that has kept me asking questions of my self and my work. Here’s one of them that describes how people who don’t even know him mourn for him. I wonder if writing all of these projects makes me somehow like these strangers who I find weird in the intensity of emotions:

But I think all three of my examples are showcasing different interests in my work and so I’m thankful to have played with that. Experiment One’s sample I think is some of the best writing that I’ve done in such a short form, where I did a snippet of a piece that one might see inĀ The New Yorker. Experiment two was unique, visual, and in some ways tied to how my writing tries to explore life on this campus often. I think in general my writing is centered around place a lot and instead of rejecting that, I want to embrace it. But experiment three is really where I’ve displayed the most quality work. I think what’s great about this piece is I came in really underestimating the genre of found poetry and sold it short. But I’ve reckoned with how hard it is to say what you want, when using other people’s words. On top of this I’ve appreciated how I’ve been able to play with genre conventions by really sticking to them but by using a new source media for these projects. This experiment is truly the most explorative of the three, and that’s why I’ve finished it for the final project. I’m excited to hear what everyone thinks!

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