not there yet

I’m not there yet, with my writer’s manifesto, not yet satisfied with the end product. It’s a bit scattered but so am I.

I purposefully left it open ended, because writing can be so different for everyone. The words I chose I feel can be applied to writing broadly, with a personal twist of my perspective (hence words like nosy ad real). Honestly, if I had more time, I would try to nail those ideas down, but right now I just wanted to get those ideas on paper.

Here is it.

2 thoughts to “not there yet”

  1. I really like how your manifesto is scatterbrained. When I think of writing I think of a bunch of ideas that are jumbled together, but at the end it all comes together and becomes art. I also really admire the fact that you designed something on your computer to create your manifesto. It is visually pleasing.

  2. I love the format of the piece. I always find it hard to choose the correct fonts for pieces like this but you were able to do so perfectly.

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