So I Guess I’m Done Now?

Welp. I am finally submitting my capstone. Two weeks ago I honestly did not think it would get done in time and now I am finally submitting it! The journey to get to this moment has been pretty wild, and my submission feels weirdly anticlimactic….sorta like this entire graduation weekend to be honest. Part of me is extremely pleased with where I have landed and knows that I have truly done everything I possible can within the realms of the class, and another part of me feel like there is so much more that I could have done. That being said I do plan to continue working on my project this summer, so check back if you’re interested.

In the meantime, welcome to my capstone!!

One thought to “So I Guess I’m Done Now?”

  1. Hey Madison,
    I cannot wait to look at your website and see the final product. I totally felt the same way about finishing my project and I am sure you know that but we got it done. I loved seeing how your project changed and developed throughout the semester and I am sure that the final product is amazing. I am so happy to see that you want to keep on working on it. I think that it is such a good idea and I feel like a project like yours can always have some changes and have some additional work added to it. I cannot wait to see what you will do with it this summer. Good Job on getting it done!!!

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