The Last Step: Project Introduction

I’m running down the home stretch. With a majority of my “writing” done for my capstone project, I am faced with perfecting my “engaging project introduction.” Since my project is a blog that has the potential to be continued after the capstone course ends, I want to create a project introduction that truly introduces my site and its purpose rather than rambling on about how this is something I did for a class grade. I plan to share this blog about women and their experiences working in sports with my Twitter circle that includes women across the industry as well as with friends and family. I want my project to tell these important stories about women in sports so well that others, even people I do not know, choose to contribute to my site through my “Your Story” page.

In order to introduce this site as a project for my writing minor, for the time being, I have a pop-up that shows up on my website when someone visits that explains the context of the creation of this project. I haven’t decided if I will choose to keep this feature permanently or not.

Currently, I am just struggling with sounding credible in my project introduction. Current feedback I’ve received suggests that I not only explain that this is a blog for women in sports, but also why one needed to be created — the “problem” that my site aims to offer a solution for, if you will. I think adding this extra context will be helpful for site visitors. I am also struggling with how much of a first person approach I want to take in the description. After looking at a model and inspiration I have used for my site, Sparkles and Sports (which was founded by one of my interviewees), I am torn between making the intro more personal to myself like Katie and Olivia did or keeping it a little more applicable to everyone. In other words, do I want to be using phrases like “I/Ashley created Sport’s Superheroes because…” or “Sport’s Superheroes was created to…”

See the difference? Anyway, I hope to figure it out soon.

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  1. Hi Ashley!

    I think that the way Sparkles and Sports handled their site intro would make a lot of sense for your own project. They explained the reason why they started the site and its history. As for the question of first vs third person, it depends. I think that third person works for Sparkles and Sports because the site has grown bigger than the two founders. But, you could also do third-person since you want people to contribute their own stories.

    For my own project, I decided to use “we.” I made this decision because I want to present a unified front of peer writing consultants to whoever is looking at my site. But, in some sections, I get more personal to my own experience and use “I” instead. I don’t think that you have to 100% commit to using one pronoun.

    What kind of front do you want to show? Keep in mind, you can always change it later!


  2. Hi Ashley!
    I think you have already shown through your website how much this site is about more than just a grade! It’s very thorough and your inclusion of the “Your Story” page speaks to the bigger vision you have for this website and your interest in the importance of women in sports. I forget if you included an About Me section already, but if you decide to, you should make it as professional as you like. Then, you could have a link that takes readers to a pop up explaining that it’s your capstone project. That way, it’s there for people who want it, but you’re not making it obvious.
    In regards to how personal you make the site, I think you should ask yourself if Katie and Olivia’s approach to Sparkles and Sports was appealing to you? Did you like that they made themselves the face of it/took a stance on the website’s content? Think about how that made you feel as a reader, then think about how your use of a personal section might make the reader feel? This may help you decide if it feels like a necessity, or if it would be a distraction. Good luck!

  3. Ashley,
    I think it’s pretty cool in itself that you hope to have your Capstone project be sustained well beyond the end of the semester. I’m sure that’s more than a lot of us can say and I really respect the ambition.

    As far as executing on this goal goes (in regards to the introduction & greater purpose it conveys), I think establishing a broader context would be most effective. Given that the rest of the site consists of personal anecdotes, I think it is key that the introduction describes the systemic issue that demands the creation of such a site.

    Perhaps describe the current status quo (as you see it) of society’s perception of women in sports, followed by why it is that this needs to change. Perhaps include statistics (i.e. number of women working in key roles for major franchises/sports programs) as well as examples of how broadcasts and other media have tended to overlook the key role women play in sports.

    Hope this helps and good luck with completing the project!

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