This is the end

It is crazy that my time here at Michigan is coming to an end. It is absolutely bittersweet. Growing up, I all always heard people speaking highly about their time in college. The all too common, it was the best years of their lives saying had me very excited to attend. And I immediately loved college.

I know for some people there is an adjustment period or a time where there are some second thoughts about if you chose the right school, but I didn’t experience either of those.  I felt like I loved college from the start. I went to a small high school, and I was so excited to meet a bunch of new people each and every day. The last four years were exceptional, so I am sad to see it coming to an end. But graduating college, a good college, also feels incredible.

I think at this age, or in this past year, the job hunt and thinking about my future at times has had me thinking I haven’t accomplished enough yet. When I didn’t hear back from I job I would think to myself, I haven’t done enough. I don’t think I am going to be thinking that very often after this weekend. Graduating from a good school like Michigan is a tremendous accomplishment. I think we can agree on that and have that with us moving forward. So pretty sappy, but that is what I have been thinking about that.

While this is the end of my time at Michigan, it is also the end of the semester I spent working on my capstone. This has been a really fun experience for me. I came into the class nervous, with no idea what topic I could spend an entire semester researching and writing about. But now, in the end, I am kind of sad to be done with my capstone. I ended up getting really invested in my topic, just like Ray said we all would, and even now I feel like I want to change something to make my site better because I am proud of it.

So I am going to miss this class, and this University, but I am looking forward to the next big group of people I am going to meet, and the next place I live where the rent will hopefully be cheaper than Zaragon please.

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