Trusting The Process

When we first showed up to the gateway we were introduced to the idea of the experiments in the class and I had no idea what in the hell that meant. I just remembered being confused as to the idea of what it was. Transforming an old piece of writing into three different things when all the past pieces of writing I still had saved somewhere were research papers and analytic essays. How was I supposed to turn papers as bland as those into three different and intriguing forms? In the end, I wounded up taking my research paper about coffee from the past fall semester since the information from it was still very fresh in my head. Still, I had to think how I could transform this research paper into three different formats. Eventually, these are the experiments I came up with.

I started with a screenplay because I’m such a movie fanatic I thought I’d dabble in the art of screenwriting. Well, I was in for a treat. It took me hours upon hours to write a short scene that may have lasted 2-3 minutes if it was ever put to film. Nonetheless, it was interesting in seeing how screenwriting is done and I have come out of this experiment with a much higher respects towards screenwriters.

For my second experiment, I headed in a different direction, a humorous and expository essay. For this, I took my inspiration from a popular College Humor show called Adam Ruins Everything. In the show, the host takes common misconceptions people have about a topic and debunks them in a humorous way. I converted this style into an essay since this was the format I wished I could’ve written out. It was fun to write it out and I thought this would end up being my final project but then came the third experiment.

For my final experiment I ended up doing a blog. From the moment I ended editing the website, I knew this was going to be my final project. I did not spend all those hours just to set up the website to just it let it go as a sample. I knew I need to follow up on this experiment and I have had no regrets.

By the end, I’ve trusted T’s process for these experiments and they’ve ended up being very interesting as I have now created three interesting projects out of a typical college research paper. It is incredible what has come out of this class and I’ll see where the minor takes me from here.

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