When is an okay time to cry? Asking for a friend.

heh heh senior year is forgetting your password to the miw blog & having to reset it in order to turn in your capstone project.

Here’s the result of so. much. blood. so much.

Sweat, and TEARS also. Mainly tears. I’m exhausted from being elbows deep in murder and missing women for the past three months. BUT, I learned so much about myself in the process. Like the fact that I am capable of watching 8 hours of Law and Order in a row for “research” –as long as the star is Edie Falco.

Anyway, here’s my website that for all intents and purposes is “done”. But if you’re really into true crime, and this story interests you, I am definitely going to keep revising and adding to it…so check back if you want!

Congrats to us all, we freakin’ did it.


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