Wix has failed me

I have used Wix for many, many, many classes and many, many, many websites. But as I am working on the look of my project, WIX has decided to make it hard for me. It stops. It loses some of my work. It changes some of my design. It is driving me nuts. Recently I have had quite a few ideas as to what to do with my laptop…

I do not understand. I have never had a problem with WIX. I know that everything that I want to do with my project is possible on Wix but it won’t let me do it in peace. This is the whole reason why I started working with WIX. Because during my getaway class I found it so hard to work with WordPress that I decided to switch. However, I do not want to switch from WIX to another one because I really enjoy working with WIX. I might have to go see the people on North Campus or in the MLB who know everything about computers because I am desperate. I don’t know if it a problem with my laptop, the website or me. But this needs to be fixed because I remember working on a website I did not understand and It was not great. I just need to find a solution to this so I can go back to be at peace while working on my project.

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