Your turn!!

This class has been such a highlight of my semester, and although there are parts that will inevitably challenge and frustrate you, there is so much more that will make you proud, excited, and passionate. Here are my tips for incoming gateway students taking this class!

  • Be excited. This is a class unlike any other (except maybe the capstone, from what I can tell) that allows you to use all the creative freedom you could eve want. Take advantage of that! Create experiments you wouldn’t otherwise create and write stories that might not belong in any other setting but this one. This is the place to do it.
  • Be passionate. In my opinion, writing is one of the ultimate ways not only to express your passion, but to appreciate it even more. Imagine what you would gain if you spent an entire semester writing about something you care about.
  • Be open. Share your work when your teacher asks for volunteers. Make a groupme with your classmates and use it to vent, to workshop, to ask questions. Appreciate the blessing that is all of your classmates and your instructor, because if you let them in, they will improve your writing beyond your wildest dreams.
  • Be persistent. The gateway class is a lot of work. There are multiple assignments for each experiment, and many more for the project. But don’t get lazy. Keep writing your assignments, your essays, and in your journal. That’s the only way you’re going to improve this semester, is if you keep going.
  • Be supportive. You are a vital resource in your classroom, whether you think of yourself that way or not. Read your classmates’ work, write letters that tell them what you love and how they might improve, and devote yourself to being open to helping them. This class will improve your writing, but it is also a community. Take advantage of that.

Most of all, enjoy the class! This is what you want to be doing and this is where you should be. Live it up!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!

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