Introduction – Mary Jo Kelly

Hi everyone! My name is Mary Jo Kelly. I’m Michigan City, Indiana, which, yes, is a town in Indiana and is named due to its proximity to Lake Michigan. My hometown is so ironic that I usually just describe myself as from “near Chicago,” even though I’m really not from Chicago at all, although I do spend a lot of time there. If I tell people in Michigan that I’m from Indiana, I’m automatically from Indianapolis, and that’s a good three hours from my hometown. Apart from my hometown that is very strange to Michiganders, I am an only child. I have a 4-year-old cat named Koa, who is really the baby of the family.

I’m currently a junior studying Communications. I chose Communications because media is such a center of life and culture, and I am really interested in its effects on people. After college, I’m hoping to go into PR or possibly attend graduate school.

In my free time, I love to travel, go to concerts, write, and read. I stay busy on campus through my co-ed service fraternity APO, as a facilitator in Feminist Forum in the RC, and the Disney Interest Group.

The Minor in Writing seems that it will really allow me to bring together my passion for writing with skills that will help me in my future career. I am so excited for seeing how much I can grow with everyone in the Minor in Writing!


My cat Koa!

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  1. Hi Mary Jo! That’s so interesting about your hometown because you’re right: if you told me you were from Indiana I would probably naively assume Indianapolis! I’d love to hear more about your service fraternity APO. I was always involved in community service programs in high school, but I’ve found that since I’ve gotten to college I’ve sadly let it slip away a little bit. Always looking to get involved in something new, especially something service based!

  2. Hi! Even though your hometown isn’t actually Chicago, what do you think are the best places to visit? I’ve always wanted go there since I started college in Michigan. It’s so much closer than my home in California. Also, I’m an only child too!

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