It’s Not Painted Yet–Episode 1 reflection

Today I recorded episode 1 of my podcast with Hanna. I also named it It’s Not Painted Yet! It was whimsical and wandering and even though I haven’t listened to it yet I have a good feeling about it. One thing I’m noticing is that the boundaries between episode topics is loosening compared to my plan on the proposal. It’s become a living conversation that develops and meanders and rebels against structure. It also ended up being a little longer than expected (~26 min instead of ~20). It might shrink a bit in editing, but I might just keep every episode a little over 20 minutes. I’m planning to snag some music off of soundcloud soon to get the intro and the outro figured out. Hopefully what we recorded is actually good and cohesive so we won’t have to rerecord too much (we did take a few breaks because the air in the recording booth was VERY thin and stale). Anyway, I’m looking forward to recording episode 2 next Sunday!

2 thoughts to “It’s Not Painted Yet–Episode 1 reflection”

  1. That’s amazing that you were already able to make headway on your project! As I said in class today, I love the name and think it fits perfectly with the more relaxed nature of your podcast. From what you’ve told us, I think this podcast doesn’t really need to be as rigidly structured as your original proposal might have accounted for; personally, I prefer listening to podcasts that are more conversational, and I think given the creative nature of the work you’re discussing, letting the conversation flow freely is more apt for your project.

    For the intro/outro music, is there anything specifically you have in mind? Or a style of music you’re going for? I agree with what you said in class about potentially skipping sound effects; my favorite podcasts typically don’t have any, and I think that would only be necessary if you wanted the podcast to sound more formal / organized and less conversational.

    Looking forward to your next update! What topic are you going to discuss in your next podcast?

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