Lily Sylvester – Introduction

Hi classmates! My name is Lily Sylvester. I am a Junior from Rhode Island. I live about 15 minutes away from Brown University and a little over an hour away from Boston. I have two younger brothers and a Bernese Mountain dog named Naya. I am an Environment major, but I’m honestly not really sure what I want to do yet after college. This summer I had a marketing internship and loved it, so I am considering going down that road.

My family, plus my Nana

I am really into Boston sports and most things New England. At Michigan, I am involved in some environmental clubs and am also on the sailing team. When I’m not doing school, I like to explore new restaurants and grocery stores in Ann Arbor, go on bike rides, listen to podcasts, and watch Netflix. I recently finished The Crown and am now really into Ozark. I also really enjoy traveling and am hopefully studying abroad next semester.

Sailing on Spring Break

The Minor in Writing appealed to me because I get a significant sense of accomplishment from writing, and I want to strengthen and diversify my writing skills. I am excited to get to know our class and be pushed out of my writing comfort zone this semester!


Here is Naya at a beach in my town


3 thoughts to “Lily Sylvester – Introduction”

  1. Hi Lily!

    First of all, your dog is ADORABLE. I kind of have a demon dog but I still love her. It’s so exciting that you are on the sailing team here at Michigan. I would love to hear more about that sometime. I read on your post that you are thinking of going abroad! Do you know where you want to study yet? I think I am going to Sydney, Australia.

  2. Hi Lily!
    I enjoyed reading your intro, and getting to know more about you! I also really love dog pictures, so those are always a plus in my book. Naya is so cute. I also have an obsession with Netflix and was thinking about watching The Crown myself… that’s the one about Queen Elizabeth, right? Well hopefully I’ll get to talk to you more in class. Looking forward to a great year!

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