Olivia Turano Introduction

Hi! I’m Olivia Turano and I’m a junior majoring in Public Policy. I’m really passionate about social justice and plan to focus on social and criminal justice and human rights policy (I think). I might go to law school, but not 100% positive–I love law and have always planned on being a lawyer, but I’m also really interested in politics and might be interested in pursuing non-profits, political work, or even maybe consulting (like political or social responsibility? There are so many fields and it’s really  overwhelming.) I’m from New York City and can attest that it is, in fact, the greatest city on earth. I love baseball and am a huge Yankee fan. I live with my parents and 15-year-old sister. I am best friends with my parents and after years of viciously hating each other, I am also really close to my sister now. I’ve been told I’m identical to my mom, dad, and sister at various times–picture included so you can be the judge.

A lot of my interests revolve around politics and social justice. Beyond that, I love to read and Harry Potter is my guilty pleasure. I like running but do so in constant fear of getting another stress fracture because I stress fractured my femur last December and was on crutches for a while (contrary to popular belief, crutches are NOT fun and I do not recommend at all). I’m really excited about starting the Minor in Writing and exploring my writing on a deeper level this semester.

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  1. I’m actually reading the Harry Potter series for the first time now. I’m kinda late to the uptake but I’m glad I finally started them because it’s such a good series! I’m still not over the end of Order of the Pheonix but it’s still very good regardless.

  2. What are your favorite parts about living and growing up in NYC?! I live in Chicago and my friends and I are constantly comparing the two. I visited New York this summer though and had the most fun weekend (and ate so much food!). Still deciding if I’m going to end up in NYC or Chicago after college 🙂

    1. I love NYC but always have trouble describing it to someone who didn’t grow up there because, to me, it’s really all I’ve ever known (besides living in Ann Arbor for school). But I think living in NYC just made me a culturally different person. Growing up there definitely cultivates a sense of independence and a more street smart, fast-paced way of thinking. I think my favorite part is how diverse, inclusive and progressive it is. I always feel really proud to be a New Yorker when New York is at the forefront of really great policies (in my opinion) like being a sanctuary city, and how it produces such diverse and lively arts and culture. I don’t know if that exists in Chicago, but I think you can feel that in NYC even just walking down the street.

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